Pull Buoy between my Legs
Leoni Voegelin & Sebastian Altermatt
Interaktive Schaufensterinstallation, 2021

Kleintheater Luzern
WABE Basel
[c]2021, of all contents: Leoni Voegelin |
contact: friendsofrandomobjects[at]
MatrixialBorderspace is about the sensuality of pushing a button.
About pressing your nose to the glass.
About a hot body touching a cold surface.
MatrixialBorderspace is about a toy locomotive driving through the landscape in a shop window.

MatrixialBorderspace consists of sensors and actuators. In daylight you can darken the sensors by touching them - the light goes off.
In the dark, you can light up the sensors with your phone - the liht goes on. The QR code takes you to our website, wich records your interaction with the apparatus.

Friends of Random Objects

MatrixialBorderspace | Kleintheater Luzern and WABE Basel 2021
With my Hand - With your Hand
naughty lil thomas
Interactive installation, electronics in silicone and PU. With the kind support of the Wilhelm und Ida Hertner-Strasser Foundation and the Elsa Neumann Scholarship of Berlin.